Kelly Korak, Creative Director & Owner

Our humble leader and award-winning designer with over 25 years experience in creative direction and graphic design. From corporate healthcare and technology branding to edgy event and beverage design, Kelly brings her unique perspective that sets our clients apart. Logo design expert, typography nerd, mom of three, podcast lover, former cheerleader, and rare designer/extrovert combo that can carry a conversation with impeccable comedic timing. Colorado mountain lover + Carolina beach bum, Kelly keeps us laughing while inspiring us to create our best work.

Morgan Dionisio, Marketing Strategist

Colorado native with 12 years marketing and PM experience in non-profits, including 30 major fundraising events which secured 85% of a 20M budget. Jus sayin. Morgan is currently raising a toddler, newborn and once survived a rattlesnake bite. We think she’s fearless.

Lindsey Parker, Director of Ops.

Takes care of everything at Blender, big fan of second hand mid-century modern furniture and the story behind it. Girl-mama, information-seeker, detail gal, Mississippi native. If you look hard, you’ll see Lindsey in an Avett Brothers video. Lindsey keeps us on-track, and up to date on best practices and current events. We would be lost without her.

Lauren Cooper, Designer

Graphic design roots with a specialty in illustration and logos. Lauren is a proud Appalachian State grad and Kelly plans on keeping her on the Blender team forever. Lauren loves historical dramas (can you say Downton Abbey), gets excited about fonts (especially Futura & Cochin) and once played competitive volleyball in Italy. Lauren keeps us on top of the latest trends and ensures we are always relevant.

Casey Bevins, Senior Designer

Master’s in Graphic Design and healthcare professional-turned-designer. Dedicated mama, infographic queen and hails from Boston, but somehow doesn’t have an accent. Casey is the oldest girl of six siblings — and it shows. Cool under pressure, Casey brings a clean modern look that stands the test of time.

Melinda Skutnick, COPYWRITING

Background in journalism and PR, 15 years in social media, grammar nerd with an impressive client portfolio. Spends a lot of time drinking craft beer and organizing events where she can drink more craft beer. Melinda’s Lord of the Rings leg tattoo is in Elvish.

Matt Trcka, Marketing Consultant

Midwest native with over 30 years experience in branding, content and marketing strategy. Matt is the smartest yet most self-deprecating guy in the room. Famous for working with Brett Favre and Reggie White on “Own a Piece of the Pack”. Harley rider, amateur pilot, and dog lover.

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